Christmas market images anger nightlife professionals

The Charleroi Christmas market opened its doors this weekend. The event was maintained and the measures taken by the concertation committee last Friday with regard to public demonstrations must therefore apply.

This weekend, however, images circulated on social networks. Photos and videos of revelers dancing without masks, certainly between the two large chalets on the Place de la Digue, under a roof but with a wide open face, but without respecting the required distances.

Images that have provoked the anger of professionals in the nightlife world whose establishments have been closed again since Friday.

“Two weights, two measures”

Boss of the Disco Bar Club in Manage, Emmanuel Alessandro is angry: “We, night professionals, obviously expected, with the closure of our establishments, that people would go to other places to party. We have already known that. closed for 19 months, we have seen terraces turn into dance halls. We should not blame those who take advantage of these unclear measures. But what scandalizes me in these images is that we can clearly see that the people no longer protect themselves “.

“To allow us to reopen on October 1, we were forced to control the CST and require a test at the entrance to our establishments. We have applied ourselves to respect these rules and we have undoubtedly become the place safer. It is completely incomprehensible to attend this scene on the Christmas Market of Charleroi and to be forced, us professionals, to keep our establishments closed “.

Explanations will be requested

On social networks, reactions are divided. There are those who join the professionals of the nightlife as restaurateurs, but also ordinary citizens. There are others who are delighted to see revelers happily enjoying what must no doubt be seen as a lack of control.

Emmanuel Alessandro intends to challenge him at all levels: “I intend to make myself heard up to the federal level. I need someone to explain to me why this closure of our establishments. Once again, with the measures imposed on us, we are without doubt the most controlled and the safest sector. Attending these scenes reinforces my incomprehension “.

For their part, the Carolus authorities said they had taken note of the events of this weekend on the Christmas market. A meeting is to be held this Monday morning.

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