Christmas: 'Spelacchio' is back, lit the star tree of Rome - Lazio -

Crowd in the square with Raggi and Grillo for 'talking fir tree'

"I came back and got in shape". This is how the Christmas tree was presented, which was lit up tonight in Piazza Venezia in Rome. The fir tree, 'talking' for its ceremony, has been renamed Spelacchio as its predecessor, the tree that in 2017 became famous for its leaves. This year the successor is much more lush, traditionally decorated with red and silver balls. And it was precisely Virginia Raggi, accompanied for the occasion by Beppe Grillo, to present to the thousands and thousands of Romans and tourists flocked to the center of Rome the star-tree. So it was presented by Netflix, its sponsor, on the web (the video entitled "Spelacchio is back") and so was welcomed by the citizens, exploded in a roar after its lighting. The applause then gave way to a film dialogue between the mayor and the fir. "Beautiful the tree and beautiful Via del Corso", spoke Raggi. "Well, gentlemen, I'm back, it's nice to be home again, I got back in shape, now, with the photos, the selfies and the front pages", echoed the voice of Spelacchio who greeted the audience, the mayor and also Grillo. "I see you in shape", Raggi is complimented.



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