Christmas to Szilárd Németh: I’m shocked, but I didn’t instruct the two condominium bills to be high

It’s Saturday RTL Club Newsletter reported that he also had two panel houses in Csepel more than one hundred thousand forints a district heating bill was issued to residents. Although it soon became clear that the reasons for the extremely high sums, even in the current situation, were that an employee at the Kölcsey Housing Cooperative, who had been in charge of the two condominiums, had made a mistake since then, Németh Solid yet he called for it in a loud communication Christmas Gregoryto investigate what happened, walk around to cancel the bills and apologize.

Nor was the mayor’s response much delayed, as a 444 spotted. Christmas a Facebook reacted to what happened, as he wrote, it doesn’t hurt even an over-commissioned person to find out before writing a Facebook post.

Szilárd Németh was outraged and blamed the left and even me for the fact that the residents of two houses in Csepel received a high bill from the Main Distance. I am shocked, but I did not instruct the Main Road to have the bills of the two condominiums high, it is already funny that it arises in anyone at all, but the employee of the Kölcsey Housing Maintenance Cooperative, who has been fired since then, made a mistake.

– wrote Christmas, who also indicated that next week the Main Distance and the cooperative will agree on how to solve the problem without harming the residents. He also mentioned that he was on his way to Brussels to negotiate with EU leaders on the return of EU money as soon as possible. According to Christmas, this could be spent on continuing the panel program, renovating and insulating buildings, and essentially an environmentally friendly overhead reduction in the capital.

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