Chrono Cross Remaster Digital Casting Technical Analysis

Square Enix Launch Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition On multiple platforms this week, including Switch. So how does the Nintendo version hold up?

well if you Read our Nintendo Life reviewYou probably know how this would happen…according to Digital Foundry, it’s kind of a drastic nightmare. In fact, this latest version seems to have achieved the worst It outperforms the original PlayStation version from 1999 and is more of a “touch” than a full reset.

Here’s a rundown of the framerate differences between “Classic” and “New Visuals” mode in Remaster (via Eurogamer):

To put it bluntly, frame rates on the PS5 and Switch are just as low as the original PS1, sometimes worse when the “new” graphics mode is selected. 30fps On the original PS1. That’s also not as low as it can go, where you might see more tax scenes change the frame rate limit to 20, 15 or even 10fps. That’s not to say the original was perfect – the original PlayStation made game also runs at frame rates that fluctuate wildly between 10 and 30 frames per second – but the worrying thing is that the Remaster running on modern consoles actually ends achieving low frame rates in some of the same scenes.

Selecting classic mode in the remaster menu improves things, but doesn’t guarantee a 30fps lock. Generally speaking, it seems to bring frame rates back on par with the original PS1, with fights still dropping to 15fps or less. However, regardless of the mode used, additional obstacles are introduced during battles in Remaster, such as post-battle victory mode, that were not present in the original PS1. «

Resolution-wise, the Nintendo Switch version drops to 720p in docked mode, which DF says “works in its favor” when it comes to performance issues:

“…If you don’t have the original Chrono Cross on hand, the editor will still have some value. If you choose the Switch version, playing in manual mode drops the resolution to 720p, bringing the 2D and 3D elements in the presentation closer together. Regardless of platform, Squaresoft’s classic JRPG story, gameplay, and atmosphere still resonate in 2022, despite some technical and artistic limitations.”

Here’s what you can expect outside of the mobile game:

“For new and classic graphics modes, and all 3D elements (character models, 3D battle sequences), we upscaled the native resolution in the 900p to 936p region. The new character models are for the new graphics mode only, and that also features a clear 1080p HUD overlay. Find these revised 3D models on PS4 and Switch in the same quality. Classic mode, meanwhile, uses the original PS1 models and also restores wallpapers and portraits in 240p resolution, with more vivid text on screen. “It doesn’t look good even in 1080p or 4K, particularly in the overworld where we’ve clearly introduced 3D elements running over a broken map. Once again, the new mode is preferred on larger screens.”

There are plenty of other issues, like the AI ​​update and installation issues, and Digital Foundry summarizes this boost as “somewhat disappointing.” You can get the full rundown in the video above, or and Eurogamer.

How did you find the Chrono Cross remaster on Switch so far? Tell us in the comments.

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