Chrono Trigger Composer Joins Sea of ​​Stars – Kudasai

How epic can the next project from the creators of The Messenger? In itself, the first trailer for this new Sabotage Studio crowdfunding was very promising… but now there is a legend behind the musical score of Sea of ​​stars!

The space of Sea of ​​stars on Kickstarter announced that Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) has been incorporated into the project to compose the score. “I am impressed by the respect they show for games from the past, while at the same time giving players new forms of fun, so I am more than eager to make a game with everyone at Sabotage Studio,” said Mitsuda, promising that soon we will be able to play “a great adventure”.

Of course, in addition to Mitsuda, the amazing Rainbowdragoneyes will also participate, after their amazing work in The Messenger, the previous game that brought studios to fame, being a great tribute to the original 8-bit saga, Ninja gaiden.

In addition to the musical part, will it turn out Sea of ​​stars a JRPG as epic as it was Chrono Trigger from Squaresoft in the 90s? It will take a while to find out, as the game will last until 2022.

Source: Sabotage Studio

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