Chronology of Inspector General Napoleon Acting Again, Allegedly Threatening Tommy Sumardi, Now Will Be Moved to Cipinang

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Convicted of deletion case red notice Djoko Tjandra, Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte, back at it.

He is known to threaten other convicts in the Djoko Tjandra case, Tommy Sumardi.

Reported Tribunnews, Inspector General Napoleon is said to have threatened Tommy to make a recording that talks about the deletion case red notice Djoko Tjandra.

The widely circulated footage has been confirmed by Tommy’s attorney, Dion Pongkor.

Dion said the recorded conversation took place at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police.

The defendant in the bribery case for the abolition of Joko Tjandra’s red notice, Tommy Sumardi, underwent an indictment trial at the Corruption Court, Jakarta, Monday (2/11/2020). Tommy Sumardi was charged with brokering bribes to Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte in the amount of SGD 200 thousand and USD 270 thousand and to Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo worth USD 150 thousand. (TRIBUNNEWS/IRWAN RISMAWAN) (TRIBUNNEWS/IRWAN RISMAWAN)

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However, about when the conversation took place, Dion did not know.

“Yes (the recording is correct), I forgot exactly. Because we don’t have a recording.”

“More or less (Tommy) was dictated to like that,” said Dion when confirmed, Thursday (7/10/2021).

Furthermore, Dion revealed that his client followed the conversation because he was under pressure.

Therefore, Tommy spoke as he wished Inspector General Napoleon.

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