Chronology of the sadistic robbery that killed the Solo Cigarette Warehouse security guard


Robbery and the murder of PT Japan Tbk’s cigarette warehouse security guard Solo, Central Java, Suripto (33) was finally revealed. The perpetrator of RS MM alias S (21) was finally arrested in Wonogiri. The following is a complete chronology of the case.

Monday, November 15, 2021

01.30 WIB

Victim Suripto was on night duty at PT Japan Tbk’s cigarette warehouse on Jalan Brigjend Sudiarto No. 202 alone. At around 01.30 WIB, the victim reported by sending a selfie photo to one of the witnesses.

However, an hour later the victim did not report back as he should have.

06.45 WIB

In the morning at around 06.45 WIB, one of the employees was about to enter the warehouse. However, the witness found something odd because that morning the warehouse gate had not been opened as usual.

After entering, the witness, who is a box truck driver, found the victim lying dead. The witness also reported this incident to the Serengan Police.

08.00 WIB

Upon receiving a report from the Serengan Sector Police, they came to the location to carry out an inspection. The INAFIS team was also dispatched to conduct the crime scene (TKP).

The victim’s body was then taken to Dr Moewardi Hospital for a post-mortem and autopsy.

Friday, November 19, 2021

11.00 WIB

After conducting an investigation and the team has not investigated yet Solo Police managed to solve the robbery case. A perpetrator with the initials RS MM alias S was arrested at his home in the village of Tekil, Semukan, Sidoharjo, Wonogiri.

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From the suspect’s hands the police confiscated a number of evidences, such as jewelry, WL, savings book and also a motorcycle.



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