Sport Chuck throws a spear over 82 meters and wins...

Chuck throws a spear over 82 meters and wins his ninth victory of the season

In the “Kladno hazi a kladnesko memorialy” competition, Kladno won with a result of 82.19 meters, winning the ninth season, but Madara Palameika took the fifth place in the women’s competition, reports the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS).

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In the men’s competition, Chaksh started with a 78.75 meter long javelin throw. Moldovan athlete Adrian Mardare immediately took the lead with a result of 81.36 meters and added another centimeter in the next shot.

Then the home keeper Viteslavs Veselijs took the leading position – 81.54 meters, but he was the leader only until the sixth throw of the Latvian javelin, in which he was able to overtake the opponents with an 82.19 meter long throw.

In the second shot, Chaksa’s result was 79.33 meters, but in the fifth – 78.02 meters. The third and fourth shots were not credited to him.

Thus, Chaksh had his ninth victory in the 11 starts of the season. He finished the race nine times with a result better than 80 meters.

Palameika ranked fifth with 58.60 meters in the third attempt. In the fifth throw, he threw 55.07 meters, but in the last – 54.59 meters. Three more shows were not counted.

The winner was the world record holder housewife Barbora Špotakova, who threw a spear at 64.34 meters.

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