Cinema: "Crazy mania" in the United States


The film by Jon M. Chu, "Crazy Rich Asians", distributed theatrically in France since 7 November, is a great success in the Atlantic, especially in the Asian community.



Rooms for rent, magazine covers: as soon as it will be published, in mid-August, Crazy Asian people it took the scale of a social phenomenon in the United States. For the Asian community, the film represented the equivalent of what had been, six months earlier, the Black Panther, by Ryan Coogler, for African-Americans: a source of pride, the recognition of a place in the cultural world mainstream, with a completely "ethnic" distribution.

Since its release, the film has raised revenue of $ 234 million (€ 205 million). We are far from the record of Black Panther -1.4 billion dollars worldwide, including 700 million in the United States, becoming the ninth success of all time. But the "Crazy mania" prompted Hollywood to reconsider the dogma that only "white" stars probably attract producers and the public (to the point of interpreting white actors in minority roles, like Scarlett Johansson in 2017, in Ghost in the Shell, based on a Japanese manga).

Universality of the scenario

First great film directed by an Asian director – Sino-American Jon M. Chu – for twenty-five years, Crazy Asian people has thrilled the diaspora, with its agile side, its extravagant sides, its landscapes and extravagant characters that pass seamlessly from Mandarin to English or Cantonese, as many "ABC" ("Americans") of New York. Born Chinese ", in the jargon of millenials).

The Asian community (6% of the US population with an increase of 70% in ten years) saw it as a further sign of its political and cultural affirmation, in a country where it had long preferred not to be exposed. And, for once, it appears in a representation that does not borrow the kung fu or the clichés of the "nerds" (first class) attached to …


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