Entertainment Cinema expert recommends exciting series for watching the marathon...

Cinema expert recommends exciting series for watching the marathon – Cinema

Many of us have experienced a series watching marathon or “binge watching” when you watch a series, one series after another, until you find that you have watched half the season. Recent research shows that 40% of TV viewers in the world can watch a movie or series for 1-3 hours without interruption, while 20% watch series for 3-5 hours from the place. Sergei Timonin, co-founder and director of “Kino Kults”, a film expert, recommends four of the most exciting series in his opinion.

“Series and movies are currently consumed just like good books – just as book lovers choose a book from their favorite author, film fans watch shows created by their favorite director or a favorite actor. It’s also interesting that comedians in Latvia are usually comedians, while foreign ones At the top of the charts are superhero films, “says Sergey Timonin.

“During the crisis, when access to cinemas was denied and a lot of time was spent at home, the number of viewers of streaming platforms increased tremendously. It is not for nothing that Netflix, HBO and other streamers have scheduled premieres for several months ahead,” Sergey said. The film expert shares what he thinks is the most interesting series available on streaming platforms – maybe one of them will soon become your favorite.

“Stateless” (6 series miniseries)

Oscar-winning Kate Blanchett, an Australian who has carried the Stateless project on his shoulders, is now among the long and long line of authors supported by the Netflix streaming platform with his budgets. Close to the heart of the actress and producer has turned out to be a story about immigrants whose lives intersect in a refugee camp – as it turns out, this topic is as relevant in Australia as in the United States. An outstanding ensemble of actors (Ivonna Strahovska, Dominik West, Jay Cortney, Faisal Bazi and Blanchett herself) will play it for us in 6 series. Based on a true story.

“Teds Laso” (“Ted Lasso”)

There have been a number of cases where some successful sketches of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” have grown into full films, but the industry is not going to stop there – the TV series “Ted Lasso”, which is based on sports sketches on the channel NBC, is coming soon. with Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who goes to the UK to train a football team. As you will understand, Teds will soon learn that there are significant differences between these types of football, and many of the jokes in the series will also be based on the differences between American and British sports and simply the perception of the world. Sudeikis himself is also one of the creators of the series, doing it together with Bill Lawrence, whom you will know best as the author of the series “Scrubs” – it will be both funny and heartfelt!

“The Kissing Booth 2”

Practically disappearing from cinemas, romantic comedies (especially for teen audiences) have found a new home in the Netflix streaming service with all 170+ million users planning to have Netflix & chill with a new member of the genre who is now on the service. produced dozens. And as the queen of the class among them is “The Kissing Booth”, unexpected hits of the genre and now a new franchise – Shelly, Lee, Noah and, of course, the kiss booth in the name will be back in the sequel or even more, because the audience has clearly said what they want see.

“The Umbrella Academy”

When Gerard Wees, the soloist of the band “My Chemical Romance”, announced that he would create his own comic about gifted teenagers with supernatural abilities, the majority laughed so much – say, the rich and famous… When the comic “The Umbrella Academy” achieved unexpected success and later became an even more popular “Netflix” series, which for the second season, no one laughed – we have before us a full – fledged hit and a new, exciting world, which has nothing to do with its author ‘s musical past. In the second season of the series, the whole fraternal and sister team will be back, but in other circumstances – although we will not be able to do without a threatening apocalypse (either without it, especially in modern times), the situation promises to be intriguingly different …


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