Cinemas opened in the City and province of Buenos Aires: how are the protocols for theaters

The only difference between the districts of the AMBA is in the capacity: in Province it will start with 50%, while in Buenos Aires cinemas with 30% (CUARTOSCURO)

This Saturday night, for the first time in almost a year, the first cinemas reopened in the city and province of Buenos Aires after the national government authorized this week the basic guidelines of the protocol within the complex and the rooms.

Last Thursday, through Administrative Decisions 133/2021 and 145/2021, the Government authorized the sanitary protocols for the provincial and Federal Capital rooms, which this Thursday, March 4, they will finish carrying out the opening.

The Showcase Cinemas chain was the first to reopen the doors of its complexes from Belgrano Norte (IMAX included), Haedo and Quilmes this Saturday, with performances starting at 3 pm with less attendance. Cinemark-Hoyts will open next Wednesday with half price tickets and Multiplex Thursday.

Cinépolis, former Village, announced its early opening through its social networks, but so far without a confirmed date, although the commercial manager of the chain, Diego Bachiller, indicated in dialogue with the agency Telam what some rooms will probably open this Thursday.

Beyond the multi-screen chains, the traditional rooms such as the CinemaCity General Paz, Artemultiplex Belgrano, the Cosmos Cinema, Atlas Flores and the rooms of the Atlas Patio Bullrich, will take longer to return since will have to recondition the rooms and ventilation systems for reopening.

In this first stage, the only difference between the districts will be in the capacity allowed inside the halls: in Province it will start with 50%, while in Buenos Aires cinemas with 30%. Nevertheless, “in no case may the number of public be greater than 300 people simultaneously per room “. The increase in this capacity will depend on the evolution of the pandemic in the different sectors of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

Workers over 60, pregnant workers, and members of risk groups may not attend work

Workers over 60, pregnant workers, and members of risk groups may not attend work

On the other hand, workers over 60 years of age, pregnant workers, and members of risk groups are exempted from the duty to attend the workplace. For the rest of the employees, they must be granted elements of prevention, protection, cleaning and security. And before entering their positions, their body temperature will be taken.

Inside the halls, the use of the chinstrap will be mandatory: people will only be able to take it off for food or drink, and will need to put it back on afterwards. What’s more, Before and after each performance, the rooms will be sanitized and sanitized. In the case of use of 3d glasses, will be cleaned and disinfected by cinema staff after each use.

To prevent contagion, the Government established within each of the movie theaters the occupation of “Social bubbles of recreation”: shared spaces of proximity between people who attend the establishment together, who should not be part of another bubble during the same event and will be made up of a maximum of six people in adjoining seats. In this way, it is possible to “share the same space in a controlled environment”, since “the distance between groups of unrelated people is maintained”.

The distance between occupied seats must be, at least, from 1.5 meters to 2 meters, or at least two free seats on the sides of each bubble. The seats immediately in front of and immediately behind each occupied seat must also be liveried. This point of the protocol, however, may vary according to the evolution of the infections.

Regarding the hours of the functions, each complex must establish a schedule, based on its programming and pre-existing facilities, that minimizes the congestion of the public attending the entrance and exit of the functions. and allow sufficient time periods for staff to carry out adequate cleaning and disinfection between functions.

The use of digital media for the purchase and payment of tickets and grocery products in order to minimize money handling.

Most cinemas are scheduled to reopen this Thursday, March 4, almost a year after closing REUTERS)

“In those cases where possible depending on the architectural characteristics, and In order to complement and optimize room ventilation, room doors (both for entry and emergency exit) they will remain open for at least 10 minutes between functions ”, established the resolution published this week in the Official Gazette.

If this possibility does not exist, renovations must be carried out by means of forced air injection and extraction and / or complement renovations with air recirculation through a filtering system according to the guidelines defined by each jurisdictional authority. Gel alcohol dispensers will also be installed inside the establishments.

According to the estimates of the sector, before the pandemic they operated in the country about 800 cinemas in total, the vast majority concentrated in the city of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires. However, according to estimates by one of the Argentine Federation of Cinematographic Exhibitors (Fadec), which groups independent cinemas, 25% of its members disassociated themselves in recent months as a result of being closed for so many months.

The billboard, on the other hand, is already ready with several premieres and cinematic “tanks” that are close to being released in the following weeks. Between them, “Tenet”, del director Christopher Nolan; “The Witches”by Robert Zemeckis; a new version of the classic “Tom y Jerry”; “Wonder Woman 1984”; and the argentines “Today the world is fixed”, with Leonardo Sbaraglia, and “The magic night”, with Natalia Oreiro and Diego Peretti.

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