Cinthia Fernández shared the strange snack that her daughters created to snack on in quarantine

Like many moms, Cinthia Fernández she manages to ensure that her daughters maintain a healthy and balanced diet. She personally supervises the girls’ menu and cares that they have everything they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Of course, devising the menu is simple but getting them to comply, quite complicated. On his Instagram account he shared a video in which he demonstrates what he has to deal with. Charis, Bella and Francesca decided to create their own snack for snack time combining french fries … with Nutella !.

“They don’t eat my food but they eat potato chips with nutella … do they really like that?”he asked, unable to hide his disgust. The girls, chochas, assured him that it was delicious and even tried to get her to try it, but the dancer rejected it indignantly: “Not at all. The truth is that one day they eat Danonino with chips and now this.”

As Carlin would say … it is a fight!


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