Ciro Maguina asks to suspend Liga1 and Marcio Valverde questions his credibility Sport Huancayo Coronavirus

Although soccer and the other federated sports received permission to resume their activities, the vice dean of the Medical College of Peru, Ciro Maguiña, consider that the League 1 It should not be resumed for the time being due to the situation in the country with the coronavirus.

“In all regions today there are COVID-19 And I believe that even if a championship is played in Lima, Arequipa or Trujillo, there will be transfers and that will always represent risks. If we start from past experience, we can say that everything worked very well, but here you cannot make decisions for the simple fact of just doing sports ”, said Maguiña in ‘Ovación’.

The Peruvian doctor does not agree that League 1 will return in the coming weeks and asked that the competition resume in a couple of months so that the rate of infected in our country decreases.

“The prudent thing to do would be to suspend the championship for a couple of months, at least until this wave subsides and then with biosafety conditions, the different sports activities can be carried out. But, saying that it has to be resumed in one or two weeks is not the most advisable thing to do. In this country everything is ‘chicha’ if we don’t see all the people who leave in full quarantine ”.

These statements received responses from some Peruvian football characters, such as the case of the midfielder from Sport Huancayo, Marcio valverde, who used his social networks to question the suggestion of the vice dean.

The member of the “red matador” shared the news of Maguiña with the following message: “Will it have credibility?” Valverde published on his Twitter account. The 33-year-old player has been very active in his networks both for football issues and for the situation in Peru today.


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