Since July, Citadele customers have a new contactless payment method – a payment ring. Given that the number of contactless payments has grown significantly over the past year, currently accounting for 71% of all payments made by Citadele customers, the ring will be another way to make contactless payments quickly and securely.

If a few years ago the store could only pay with cash or a payment card, now Citadele customers already have seven different payment methods: payment card, Apple Pay, banking application for Android phones, sticker, payment to the phone number, bracelet and ring. Paying with the ring is even easier and faster than with a phone or payment card – the ring must be brought closer to the payment terminal and the payment must be made. When paying with a ring, as with other contactless payment methods, you will not need to enter a PIN code of up to 50 EUR.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Citadele customers the widest range of payments in the Baltics. Seven different payment methods are not designed to be simply more, but with the aim of providing each customer with the most convenient and affordable way to handle their money on a daily basis. “New payment methods and they are happy to use them, for example, within five months since Apple Pay is available to Citadele customers, more than 15,000 customer devices have already been registered for these payments,” explains Andris Lazdiņš, Head of Citadele Cards and Payments.

“The ring as a method of payment is not new in the world, but no bank in the Baltics has so far been interested in offering it to its customers. Admittedly, we did not plan to offer the rings to customers at first, because the existing range of payment tools they were used by the bank’s employees, seeing the great interest from customers, we create an opportunity for each user of our X credit card to apply for a payment ring, each ring is created individually, according to the customer’s size and chosen color, which requires longer production time However, as soon as the ring reaches the owner, I am sure that it will become the most commonly used payment method, because it is not only convenient, but also looks very tasteful. In addition, the ring could also be an original souvenir gift attesting to the other party’s g give away not only your heart, but also access to the account, “jokingly adds Lazdiņš.

Citadele has now started receiving applications from customers, as customers will have to wait due to the time it takes to make the ring. The ring, like the bracelets, will be linked to the Citadele mobile app, where the customer will be able to change the PIN code, block the possibility to make a payment with the ring, review the card transaction and determine the payment region. The ring is waterproof and made of durable ceramic, which protects it from scratches and water damage. It should be emphasized that the ring is as secure as a contactless payment card and fully complies with all established security requirements. Customers will be able to choose a white or black ring color, and the fee for its use will be 3 EUR per month.

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