“We have to consolidate everything we have achieved. We are going to continue enabling activities prioritizing the use of public space, because there is less risk of contagion,” he said.

After which, he pointed out the initiative that he promotes together with the Minister of Education of the City, Soledad Acuña, to teach classes in open spaces and generated differences with the Nation.

“We all know that it is not the same (virtual classes), even valuing all the effort that has been made”, Rodríguez Larreta pointed out and added that: “Obviously we are aware that today the conditions are not in place to return to classes as they were before.

The civil servant supported the initiative in advice of specialists with whom he maintained contact and they suggested that it is necessary to resume the cycle “before the end of the year.”

For which, he announced that on Monday there will be a meeting between the Ministers of Health and Education of the Nation and City to try to find a common point in the development of the school year.

Faced with the health panorama, the communal chief reported that since Monday the gastronomic establishments that before the quarantine did not have authorization for the use of public space They may request it on the indicated website.

This item may also have the use of terraces and patios, although with a prior validation of compliance with the protocol.

“We understand the fatigue and the need of people to meet their loved ones after months of not seeing each other. That is why we promote places such as squares, parks, bars and outdoor restaurants, where the risk of getting infected is much lower than if they get together in a house “, he expressed.

For the construction, he said, a protocol has already been finalized so that from this Monday only those that have more than 5,000 m² or that are less than 90 days away can resume their operation.

“The construction sector generates a lot of work, too, for the electricity, materials and plumbing industries,” he said.

Non-urgent medical consultations will also be added, such as cardiology, dentists and doctors for routine check-ups, and they will have to attend in advance “so that people are not in the wards.”

This same day the centers for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the centers of worship with a maximum of 20 faithful will open.


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