Civil guards, against the PSOE-Junts agreement: "We are willing to shed our blood in defense of the Constitution"

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The agreement between the PSOE and Junts has also fallen like a bomb within the Civil Guard. One of the most representative associations, Aprogc (Pro Civil Guard Association), has issued a harsh statement against this pact. “Those of us who have the instruments to exercise the monopoly of force understand that only the Administration of Justice has constitutional legitimacy and material capacity to ensure at this time that the superior principles of our legal system contained in article 9 of the Constitution do not become a dead letter,” the text indicates. And they point out that they are willing to shed “even the last drop of our blood in defense of the constitutional order.”

The civil guards of this association – which brings together many officers – “observe with hope the commitment and tenacity of the Judiciary to maintain its independence and we hope that it finds the way to preserve the rule of law. In its work you will find our firm and undoubted commitment, in order to guarantee equality before the law and its application, especially before those who systematically and arbitrarily demonstrate a vocation to place themselves above everyone and the law.”

“We observe the publicized pact with deep concern. We consider that it attempts to empty the constitutional mission entrusted to us by the Security Forces and Corps, especially the judicial police. What has been the point of so much sacrifice over decades in fulfillment of our constitutional mission if at the same time In the end, our political leaders betray all the blood shed and all the effort made by the civil guards, by the police, by the judges and prosecutors in the last 40 years? How are we going to believe that we should and can enforce the law in the face of this “message of impunity and promotion of disregard for the rules?”

Remember that the article 104 of the Constitution entrusts the Security Forces and Bodies with “the mission of protecting the free exercise of public rights and freedoms and guaranteeing citizen security.” “The way we do it is conditioned by our oath before the Flag as soldiers that we are: being willing to shed every last drop of our blood in defense of the sovereignty and independence of Spain and its constitutional order”

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