Civil Protection of Parral announces the arrival of the 6th Winter Storm.

-The citizens are invited to take precautions so as not to be surprised by the cold.

Low temperatures, wind, rain potential and the possibility of water, snow and snowfall accompany the effects of the 6th winter storm of the season, so citizens are invited not to lower their guard in this winter season.

Meteorological data confirm the arrival of a new cold front that will give way to the sixth winter storm for the north of the National Territory from the early hours of Tuesday, January 19, so it is invited to continue applying prevention measures in our region.

This Tuesday there will be a minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 19, dominating cloudy skies with a 10 percent chance of rain; on Wednesday the minimum will be 8 degrees and the maximum will be 18 with a potential rain of 25 percent.

The call to the community is to protect children and older adults from sudden changes in temperature, to use seasonal clothing, to be careful with the use of heaters and heaters and to ensure that no one is left outside at night by carrying out the respective report to 9-1-1 as well as keep an eye on weather reports.

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