Civil war remembrance: Nancy Pelosi wants to let US statues from the Capitol building remove

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Nancy Pelosi wants to let US statues from the Capitol building remove

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Among other things, the Statue of the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis (on the left) should be removed from the Capitol

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US-leader of the opposition Nancy Pelosi wants to let eleven monuments from the Capitol to remove. They were “a tribute to hatred”. Whether the Congress agrees with the Committee, is questionable, because there is a Republican sitting. Trump rejected already, the renaming of U.S. military bases.

Die speaker of the US house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, wants eleven monuments, the leaders of the Confederate States, and soldiers from the civil war to honor, without delay, from the Capitol to remove. “Your statues are a tribute to hatred, not of our heritage. They need to be removed,“ wrote Pelosi on Wednesday in a letter to the leadership of the Congress Committee for the administration of the statues in the Capitol is responsible. The Committee consists of members of both political parties, and it was unclear how the body would react.

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Columbus Statue Toppled

Background by the violent death of the African-American George Floyd by a white police officer is re-kindled discussion about racial inequality and police brutality. Since Floyd’s death, ordered officials in the South of the United States – where African-Americans until the end of the civil war 1861-1865, the removal of monuments to honor the Confederacy were enslaved – well, the defended slavery.

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To belong to the Confederate statues in the Capitol, which has a large number of monuments to personalities of American history, General Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy.

Trump does not want to rename the vertices

US President, Donald Trump had previously refused to Change the controversial name of ten military bases strictly. His government do not even think of it, the officers of the Confederate named bases rename, wrote Trump on Wednesday (local time) on Twitter.

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The Confederate army fought in the American civil war (1861 to 1865) the southern States against the Northern States, and had to contend against, in particular, the abolition of slavery.

“This is a monumental and very powerful bases have become a part of the great American legacy, a history of winning, victory and freedom,” tweeted Trump. The US had trained their “heroes on this consecrated soil, and stationed, and two world wars won”. Therefore, his government would not rename even contemplate, “this magnificent and legendary military facilities”.

Neither the army nor the Pentagon have brought name changes into the game, but had indicated Minister of defense Mark Esper and the civilian head of the army, Ryan McCarthy, on Monday, the report questions, “to be open for a non-partisan discussion” on the topic.

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Activists want to solve for Confederate officers named bases such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Benning in Georgia of their namesakes, because they consider them as a Symbol for racism and the political division of the citizens kriegsära.

In the Rest of the men are glorified, which would have then fought against the United States, they would argue. The debate has to get after the brutal death of George Floyd in police custody and the following protests against racism a new impetus.

Also Columbus is to target

Government spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany confirmed on Wednesday that a renaming of the vertices for the Trump was a red cloth. Congress should adopt a law, he will not sign it.

While some may consider in the South of the USA the flag proudly as a reminder of the civil war fallen soldiers, many see Americans as a Symbol of oppression, and of a dark Chapter in American history.

Unknown perpetrators had already been beheaded in a Park in the American city of Boston, a Statue of Christopher Columbus. After the figure has been separated in the night, the head should be dismantled to the Rest of the Statue on Wednesday morning, said mayor Marty Walsh. You do not agree with the fact, of wool, however, with a view to the current discussions in Boston and the Rest of the United States time to evaluate the historical significance of the Statue new.

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Shortly after demonstrators had brought in Bristol, the Statue of a British slave trader, from the Base, landed in the port basin

Protests in the UK

Since the “Black Lives Matter”demonstrations after the death of the African-American George Floyd by police violence are statues in many places in the United States and commemorative plaques have been removed. Most of these were related to historical figures or events in the civil war, the southern States for a continuation of slavery had fought.

Columbus was one of the first Europeans in the New world and is often referred to as the discoverer of America. Historians and civil rights activists criticize him for his violent behaviour towards the indigenous people of the Americas and crucial to have the TRANS-Atlantic slave trade contributed to the.


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