CJNG hitmen show off their arsenal to face the resistance in Michoacán with impunity

With total impunity, the CJNG shows its power in Michoacán

They are three men in the back of a pick-up truck modified as a combat vehicle (it has a machine gun or automatic cannon installed on the roof). One of them holds a cell phone camera to record a half-minute video. They are just a few seconds but they are perfectly enough to identify the initials “CJNGIn the bulletproof vests and guess the intent of the recording: show off the arsenal that the cartel has to face the present war in Michoacán.

This past week marked fourteen months since the CJNG began the dispute with blood and fire with “Viagras“And his allies from the criminal association”United Cartels ”(Tepalcatepec, Knights Templar, Trojan Whites, La Familia Michoacana, La Nueva Familia Michoacana) by community control Bonifacio Moreno “El Aguaje”.

Since then the violence has spread to other localities such as Aguililla, La Huerta, El Limoncito and El Naranjo de Chila, the same land that gave birth to Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, The Mencho. In that region, in addition to constant clashes, there have been murders, massacres, looting, kidnappings and disappearances.

On November 29, the four-letter cartel announced its irruption in Michoacán with the promise of exterminating the United Cartels, although in particular they said that they are going to Juan José Álvarez Farías, “The Grandfather”.

“The purpose of getting into this state of Michoacán is to free the people from all those who charge a flat, fees, abuse, kidnap and kill, who are attacking the innocent people are the people of Abuelo Farías, Los Viagras, Guardia Michoacana, Los Targets of Troy, criminals that we are going to eradicate and with that we will give freedom to the people of Michoacán ”, the criminal organization warned that day in a video broadcast on the networks.

On Thursday of last week several shootings were reported in the town of Tacátzcuaro, in the municipality of Tingüindín. A recording of the moment showed a part of the persecution of members of the criminal group who tried to flee in an armored truck. The uniformed officers shoot the truck non-stop until they get out of their own vehicle, seconds later.

Other shootings were registered that same day in the municipalities of Cotija, Tocumbo and Tancítaro.

Last Wednesday, around 8:00 p.m., trucks of the National Guard and the Mexican Army arrived in the municipality of Los Reyes to patrol, after various calls for help from the residents, who warned of the presence of armed groups.

According to the details, approximately 40 trucks with hitmen on board participated in various shootings from 5:00 p.m., when a CJNG cell stormed a United Cartels safe house where, it is presumed, one of the leaders of said criminal organization was hiding.

The advance of the cartel led by Nemesio Osguera Cervantes, the “Mencho”, it continued in at least 11 more municipalities.

Here in Los Reyes you don’t enter Mencho, tell your people to pick up their narco tanks, they left them full”Read a message allegedly from the United Cartels addressed to CJNG.

Falko Ernst, senior analyst at Crisis Group, assured that the current wave of violence in Michoacán, fertile land for crops and drug trafficking, is related to the proximity of the next electoral elections. “Hundreds displaced in the last four weeks alone, and so far there is no notable coverage of this acute humanitarian crisis”, He pointed out in his social networks.


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