Claiming to Find Covid-19 Medicine, Hadi Pranoto Asks Not to Be Scorned Page all

BOGOR DISTRICT, KOMPAS.comHadi Pranoto ask the Central Government Co-19 Task Force and related institutions such as the Ministry of Health, BPOM, IDI not to mock and negative opinions.

Because, he said, people would be confused so that they would not provide a solution to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“I plead once with IDI and related institutions to accommodate what we have found, don’t mock, then don’t oppose those who don’t, so that the public will become confused,” Hadi said when contacted by, Monday (3/8) / 2020).

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Hadi considered that what should have been said on Anji’s YouTube could be seen from the positive side.

He claimed the discovery of the Covid-19 antibody was a form of his initiative through research with 10 volunteers in laboratories abroad.

His team intends to develop the herbal concoction to contribute to the government in reducing Covid-19 transmission.

“After seeing the video it should be an initiative, oo there are good ones so we need to be called to do clinical trials instead of being abused, we the nation’s children want to give something to this nation so don’t be cornered by being hit right and left, if all research on the nation’s children is treated like this certainly will not be able to rise in the scientific world, “he said.

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To conduct the Covid-19 herbal antibody research, Hadi said it was not easy because it had to pay a lot of money and needed extra energy.

Until now, he said, he had produced hundreds of thousands of bottles and distributed them to underprivileged communities

“Well, this related institution should be responsible, not even me, because this institution is sworn in by the state and has taken money from the people’s salaries, right they should accommodate what is the people’s findings rather than discredit these findings,” he explained.

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He added, Covid-19 antibodies made by his research team were not the usual vaccines imported by the government.

As for the ingredients used purely from natural plants that have been researched for a long time so it is called herbal Covid-19 antibodies.

“So we are looking for herbal compounds in Indonesia and we develop them in a laboratory that does have the ability to reduce these herbs and sometimes we develop them through a laboratory that is borrowed in the Netherlands, because of the limitations of our laboratory and whereas here no one has developed seriously about research also this herbal research. So don’t blame us, “he said.

Previously, the government and a number of experts commented on statements related to drugs or herbs that could cure Covid-19.

Not a few Indonesians or certain parties who question and doubt the claim.

Even the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Ministry of Health who was once a Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto, spoke up about the Hvid Pranoto Covid-19 drug claim.

Achmad Yurianto, who is commonly called Yuri, considers this a fool.


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