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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It is no secret to anyone that since Shakira released the provocative and controversial song in collaboration with Bizarrap “Sessions #53”, she achieved what she wanted and that was to separate Clara Chia Marti on the side of the father of her children, and it is that the young woman tired of so many scandals decided to separate from the businessman and take refuge in other sincere arms.

It is because of this stormy media revolution that Clara Chia Marti she chose to disappear from the focus of the press and now there are versions that she ran desperate to take refuge in the arms of her parents, given the explosive pressure she has experienced in recent months.

Well we know that the new girlfriend of the former athlete She has tried to keep a low profile despite all the hints thrown at her by Shakira. She even canceled her Instagram account, according to the Spanish media, and all because she was the cause of the separation between the Colombian and the former Barcelona soccer player.

And it is that for weeks it was announced that Martí She worked at home from her home to avoid going out and thus not have to deal with the journalists who camp in front of Piqué’s apartment. Now the young woman, tired of everything, left her boyfriend to go to her parents’ house.

Version given by an informant from the digital portal “El Español”, which indicates that Clara Chia Marti she left the apartment where she lived with the Spaniard, after the strong scandal that led to the release of the latest song by Shakira Music Sessions Vol. 53, where the artist throws spicy crushes on her, comparing her to objects of little value.

Without a doubt, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back so that Clara act in that decisive way and put her love aside, to give herself courage and love herself a little more. Good for you, your decision was the best.

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