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Clara Gopa’s Testimony After Dewi Perssik Is Slandered Sleeping Another Man

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Dewi Perssik got furious after receiving it slander from one of the men who claimed to be his employee named Iman. Dewi is slandered as having a bad personality to the point that she has having body contact by Faith.

In this case, Clara Gopa, one of Dewi’s friends, immediately gave her testimony. Clara admitted that she also heard the slander pronounced Iman.

“How bad is this person, is this person abnormal, if it’s normal it can’t be him ridiculous Ms. Dewi in my time close Ms. Dewi, “said Clara Gopa on Trans TV, South Jakarta, Monday (14/9).

“He told me about Dewi Perssik, an artist not being generous, not giving him even drinks. Faith was cursed at by Dewi Perssik, temperamental Then he also said that Dewi Perssik could not sleep without sleeping with Iman, “he continued.

Not only Dewi, Clara also apparently got slander from the man. Iman said that Clara had sexual relations with him until the sworddut of love died in Iman.

“It turns out that this Faith (told to Dewi Perssik“I also slander me that this Iman has had intercourse with me, even I love to die at Iman,” said Clara.

After all the slander was revealed, Clara and Dewi tried to contact Iman. However, the number two sworddut has been blocked.

“WA is blocked, Instagram is blocked so we can’t contact but we can track him down,” he said.

Even so, Clara and Dewi has brought this case to legal channels. Both are of the same opinion that Iman must be accountable for what he has done.

“If the slander is normal, I do not have a problem, but this has reached intercourse, it is already very painful and has to be accounted for,” concluded Clara Gopa.

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