News Class suspension will be extended and there is no...

Class suspension will be extended and there is no restart date

The Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, confirmed that “there will be no physical attendance” of the students at the schools until further notice and reiterated that the national government “will prioritize health” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The suspension of classes is extended based on a clear definition by our President of prioritizing health. Each decision to take care of the health generates new challenges, in this case of educating the children at home and containing them as a family in this moment of uncertainty, ”said Trotta, who yesterday conducted a round of interviews with different media in the country.

Regarding when they could restart, the minister said: “It is difficult to know, it is a time of uncertainty for all the countries of the southern hemisphere, and it will be according to how the pandemic behaves in the northern hemisphere. Every decision that is made will be to take care of something that is not recovered, which is health.

“We know that it is not the same that boys are not in schools; I have boys that we study with on a daily basis, and we have university studies, so we rely heavily on television to bring knowledge to those who do not have support at home, “he added.

In this framework, the head of the educational portfolio stated that once this situation has been overcome, it will be analyzed how the school year will be restructured. “We will look at the school calendar and we will have to find the best way for this 2020 cycle, after this pandemic, to suffer as little as possible.”

On Thursday, Alberto Fernández had anticipated the decision to extend the suspension of school activities. “The start of school can wait,” said Fernández on Thursday. “If there is something that is not urgent, it is the beginning of classes, we will see how we compensate those days,” he added.


In this framework, Trotta reiterated that virtual platforms and the media are the tools that teachers use to minimize the impact of the lack of classes, and that there will be a reinforcement of educational content in public media.

The Undersecretary of Public Media of the Nation, Claudio Martínez, told the Télam agency that work is being done “in the production of many more hours a day, both on TV and radio.”

He pointed out: “We are thinking about 14 hours a day of TV. Education in Argentina is divided into seven parts, from the initial level to the last year of high school. “

“Thus, each of these levels will have two hours of daily programming, in a scheme not so similar to that of now, with closed programs, but rather with the direct presence of teachers, what one could call” teleclasses “, which They will have artistic development, conductors of the artistic world, but with teachers standing in front of the camera, teaching two hours a day in each of the seven levels, “explained the official of the National Media.

The head of these contents will be Public TV, with six hours of educational content. Then Pakapaka and Encuentro will complete to cover 14 hours.

“Public channels will have the entire educational offer, but we know that, due to the size of the country, we are going to need all possible resources,” said Martínez.

In this sense, the distribution of content can be articulated with the private system and with the public system of the provinces, with universities, cooperatives and community channels.

As for radio, it will be seven hours, one for each level, with a headline on National Radio, but with the intention that the content be distributed by private and community stations.

In March, they will not terminate monotributistas

The Afip decided not to exclude due to non-payment of the tax.

The AFIP decided to suspend the exclusions of monotributistas corresponding to March.

No monotributista will be discharged ex officio from the regime for failure to pay their obligations during March.

The decisions, which will benefit the more than 3.6 million taxpayers enrolled in the Simplified Small Taxpayer Regime, are part of the package to deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

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