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The Microids Publisher Sale has started on Steam! To celebrate the start of the event, Steam is now receiving the classic adventure games “Syberi” and “Syberia II” released by Microids for free, for a limited time! Interested players come to claim it!

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“Syberia” is a third-person puzzle-solving adventure game developed and produced by Microids. The game has a delicate style, moderate difficulty, clean and simple operation. It is a rare adventure puzzle game masterpiece.
In the game, the player plays the female lawyer Kate Walker, starting in a small mountain village deep in the Alps. There Kate was originally commissioned to negotiate the purchase of a mechanical toy factory, but the owner of the factory, Anna, died unfortunately, and her brother Hans, the heir, has long disappeared. In order to complete her task, Kate decided to find Hans and follow in his footsteps, so she set out from the isolated machine factory, went through four different worlds, and came to Siberia to explore the genius inventor Hans. An unknown secret.

In addition to giving away “Syberia” and “Syberia II” for free, there are also low-price promotions for a variety of Microids games including “Syberia 3”. Players who like adventurous puzzle games should not miss it.


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