Classic Competition/Otani Shohei was interviewed and said that the performance of the delicious ramen restaurant Ippudo has increased significantly | Classic Competition | Sports

The popular ramen shop “Hakata Ippudo” originated in Fukuoka, Japan today congratulated the Japanese team on Twitter for winning the World Baseballclassic(WBC) champion. Otani Shohei accidentally mentioned Ippudo in an interview a few days ago, which led to a surge in customers in the past week, which shows Otani’s influence.

Ippudo tweeted a photo of fans wearing Japanese team jerseys and holding a photo of Otani’s head cheering at the store’s entrance, and said, “Otani player suddenly mentioned that ‘Japan’s Ippudo is delicious’, after that During the week, many customers came to the store to do pepper grinding! I want to convey everyone’s cheers to Florida (the location of the classic finals)!”

“Nikkan Sports” reported that Otani Shohei was interviewed before the quarter-final match against Italy on the 15th and said that his Italian teammate David Fletcher (David Fletcher) of the US Angels talked with him on the phone, “He told me Ippudo ramen is delicious, he said before that he wanted to come to Japan to eat sushi, but he ran to eat ramen instead.”

After Ippudo saw this interview, he posted a response on Twitter, “Did Fletcher sprinkle pepper on the ramen? Ippudo has a grinder of pepper!”

Lars Nootbaar of the Japanese team made the gesture of turning the pepper pot in the classic game, and even Shohei Ohtani imitated it later, and some fans brought the pepper grinder pot to the stadium, which sparked a topic.

After that, some of Ippudo’s stores caught up with this trend and placed extra large ground pepper pots with a height of 80 cm for fans to make a pilgrimage. At present, 16 branches have placed ground pepper pots, and many branches have also received “Is there any Put the pepper pot” inquiry phone number. Yifengtang said that it is discussing the follow-up plan.

Classic Live/Japanese and American championship battle Shohei Otani and Trout Strike Showdown

【Pre-match report】

2023-03-22 06:30

Classic / Goodbye Strikeout Trout!Shohei Otani leads Japan to third championship in team history

Shohei Otani showed his “two swordsmanship” in the World Baseball Classic championship game today. Not only did he hit the third bat first, but he also boarded the board and closed the door in the 9th inning.

2023-03-22 10:50

Classic game / 2 wins, 1 rescue, break 40% batting average Shohei Ohtani MVP deserved

Otani Shohei’s all-round ability of “shooting and hitting two swords” was undoubtedly demonstrated in the World Baseball Classic. With his determination to “do not hesitate to break his body and bones”, he made it to the championship game to help the Japanese team…

2023-03-22 11:12

Classics/Superman!The Japanese media dug out Otani’s 27-year-old MVP in his life list when he was in high school

The World Baseball Classic ended after six years, and finally Japan won the third championship in team history. The 28-year-old Shohei Otani, who is excellent in pitching and playing, deservedly won the MVP, realizing the dream he wrote in high school.When Shohei Otani was 17 years old, he wrote “I won the WBC championship at the age of 27 and won the

2023-03-23 15:33

Classic match/Shohei Otani and Choot first embraced before the decisive battle between Japan and the United States, leaving a classic scene

The final battle of the 2023 classic game will be staged today, Japan will face the United States, in which the famous Japanese player Shohei Otani will fight against the big league Angel teammate Trout, and the major league will upload a photo of Otani and Trout embracing each other during the practice before the game. Become a classic scene of this competition.Otani

2023-03-22 06:47

Classic match / US media selected impressive players this year! “Minister of National Defense” Zhang Yucheng was elected

The 2023 World Baseball Classic has come to an end. In the highest-level international baseball competition, all countries have played their best. The US media “FOX Sport” has counted the impressive players in this classic, among which Zhang Yucheng, the “Minister of National Defense” of the Chinese team Also on the list.The report pointed out that Zhang Yucheng acted as

2023-03-23 13:25

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