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The Japanese team won the championship with all 7 victories in this classic, and the head coach Hideki Kuriyama has been affirmed.Associated Press

The Japanese Samurai team won the classic championship, and the supervisor Hideki Kuriyama retired after the game. After the game, he announced his resignation as the coach of the Japanese national team. While Hideki Kuriyama was praised for his scheduling ability, the Japanese media dug up his past love history, ex-girlfriend It was Suzuki Ichiro’s wife Fukushima Yumiko.

The 61-year-old Kuriyama Hideki is currently single and unmarried. In the past, his relationship with the former TBS anchor Fukushima Yuko,according to reportsHideki Kuriyama was a ball commentator at the time, so he got acquainted with Yumiko Fukushima. The two parties once discussed marriage, but Hideki Kuriyama was caught cheating on women’s tennis player Date, and the two broke up. Hideki Kuriyama is still single.

Ichiro Suzuki’s wife, Yumiko Suzuki (right), made a rare appearance. The picture shows the 2009 All-Star Game at the home court of the Cardinals.Associated Press

Fukushima later married Ichiro Suzuki in 1999.Japanese sports reporter revealsthe retired stars of this classic game, such as Matsuzaka Daisuke and others, have served as ball commentators and changed their identities to participate in this classic game. In the past, Ichiro Suzuki, who led the Samurai team to win two championships, was due to the support of Hideki Kuriyama and his wife. In the past, this classic did not make a sound.

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