Classical dance Black tips, good news for diversity

Black dancers are still largely underrepresented in classical ballets. But it is a minority that begins to be taken into consideration in this world marked by tradition. The marketing of black dance shoes testifies to this.

Like many classical dancers, the thirty-five-year-old Cira Robinson has performed the same ritual for most of her career: painting her toes of the same color as her skin.
He started in 2001, at the age of 15, during a summer program with the Dance Theater of Harlem. The company had told her she needed brown slippers and not pink, the traditional color, but she did not find any in the shop. Then he took a spray of paint to dye them. "He made them like cardboard and just … lousy" she says on the phone.

When she joined the Dance Theater a few years later, she started using makeup. "I went to the cheaper shops and I took the foundations, She says, the kind that we would never put on our face because we would be covered with buttons. Like $ 2.95. "

Brown and bronze tips

He used 5 tubes a week for 12 or 15 pairs of slippers. Dye each one


Alex Marshall


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