Classified as the most violent scene on Earth.. The scenes prohibited from the show starring the virtuous prostitute Ghada Abdel Razek with a famous artist when he attacked her like a monster

Egyptian artist topped Ghada Abdel Razek Search engines, after circulating a video of her from a famous movie with the artist Amr Abdel Galil because of what he did to her

got married Ghada Abdel Razek 11 or 12 times of it

The Saudi businessman, Adel Al-Qazzaz: who was several years older than her, as she was seventeen years old. Ghada gave birth to her only daughter, Rotana, at the age of 18.[8]

A businessman from Port Said (named Ahmed): He did not last long, due to the large age difference between them.

Lawyer Helmy Sarhan: Their marriage did not last a year, as they divorced in 2002

Producer Walid Al-Tabaei: who helped her a lot and led her to stardom. However, they finally divorced when her husband was sentenced to prison in the case of bad checks. It is reported that she had separated from Walid Al-Tabei twice before, and they were reconciled after the intervention of mutual friends before they divorced for the third and final time in 2009.

Journalist Mohamed Fouda: They got married and divorced 3 times between 2012 and 2015

Art producer Mohamed Saeed: It was rumors and Ghada denied them

Director of Photography Haitham Zenita: Year 2020

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