On Monday evening Schampus-Lady Claudia Obert (55) came to the “Big Brother” house for a flying visit. But before it got that far, the drink-resistant designer made the hostess Jochen Schropp (41) embarrassed when the conversation with his surprise guest drifted into a slippery sex talk.

Obert had already provided unforgettable trash moments with “Celebrities under Palm Trees”. And her appearance on the container show also became the highlight of the otherwise lengthy live session. Schropp immediately exulted in greeting: “Everything is the same. Have a glass in your hand and some fruit. “

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Photo: Sat.1

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Claudia Obert (left) visits the “Big Brother” housePhoto: Sat.1

However, the designer was not impressed by the hustle and bustle in the house. Obert, who was a candidate for “Celebrity Big Brother” three years ago: “I used to be young. And I stepped on the gas a lot more than the whole gang. ”Of course, Jochen Schropp also wanted to discuss the teasing of Rebecca (21) and Tim (21) with his guest.

“So far they have only kissed. The hand was also partially used, ”he introduced Claudia to the event, then let her explain:“ Where does heavy petting end and where does sex begin? ”

A really serious question that was answered by the Hamburg woman as if it were shot out of a gun. Obert said bluntly: “It’s called foreplay. And the longer the foreplay, the wetter the pussy. But they’re going after you, you. “

Schropp had apparently not expected such a counterattack, because he couldn’t think of much more to do with it, except: “Yeah, we won’t be there, unless they can make it in the next two weeks.”

Just as unfiltered and direct, two male TV jailers experienced the celebrity visit. Tim and Cedric (26) had won a “Bavarian champagne dinner” with Claudia in a match. The budding federal police officer Cedric gave the perfect charmer and piped: “You are even more beautiful live.”

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Photo: Sat.1

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Claudia in a bubbly mood with Tim and CedricPhoto: Sat.1

You don’t have to say that to the colonel twice. She squeezed the well-trained single through his relationship status and offered him a grin after a bit of flirting: “If you fly out, you will come to the Savoy tonight.”

In the end, however, the candidate could not accept this invitation. Cedric was on the nomination list with geriatric nurse Michelle (26), but was allowed to stay in the house after the audience voting.

The residents will be serious again next week. Because of too many violations of the rules, “Big Brother” released everyone except Rebecca (who has the golden final ticket) for shooting.


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