Climate as a natural deity

Life in the city often leads us to forget that everything has a natural origin and that new technology is not always necessary, keeping us glued to our smartphones or computer screens.

The many towns that we have in Mexico can still teach us a lot about a way of life far from what a screen says, a clear example being predicting the weather without the need to consult meteorology applications.

In many places the climate is taken as a natural deity and they have their own ways of knowing what the day will be like, being a fundamental point in the agricultural subsistence and for the correct social development in these areas.

In principle, the senses are used to predict the weather. Sight, smell and touch they detect signals through the color, shape and size of clouds, as well as stars such as the moon and stars. In this way, frost, rains and other phenomena can be predicted in order to protect the corn.

The climate is also associated with the animals in the field, as ants, birds, coyotes and other species they emit songs, flights and behavior that can predict hot, cold and rainy conditions.

We must not forget that for these communities the weather or the storm are deities that maintain the Natural balance, to which they must have a lot of respect and worship.


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