Climate crisis increases the risk of skin cancer – Joop


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The higher temperatures resulting from the climate crisis increase the risk of skin cancer. According to experts, there is a danger that people are exposed to more UV radiation, meldt The Guardian.

“I am certainly concerned that hotter summers will lead to more cases of melanoma and more deaths from melanoma,” University of Sheffield medical oncology professor Sarah Danson told the paper.

“Melanoma is mainly caused by sunburn, and this weather is so extreme that I’m concerned that sunburn will increase and later the number of melanoma cases,” said Julia Newton-Bishop, who studies skin cancer at the University of Leeds. .

Since the 1970s, the number of deaths from skin cancer in men has tripled in the UK. Also in the Netherlands there is there is a significant increase. Men die more often from melanoma than women. Lighter skinned people are more at risk than darker skinned people.

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