Climate, events all over the world. Students invade the squares: "In Italy we are one million"

ROME – Today will go down in the history of the climate struggle, with a 16-year-old protagonist: Greta Thunberg, proposal for the Nobel Peace Prize. The planet-saving strike is a record event: "Throughout Italy we are a million", say the organizers of the event. In Milan, where there are almost 100 thousand people, the route has been diverted to reach Piazza Duomo and no longer in Piazza della Scala, too small to accommodate everyone. Ten thousand in Florence, six thousand in Rome and three thousand in Bologna, three thousand also in Bergamo, at least according to the first estimates.

However, the very high participation was expected since the last call launched by Greta on Twitter four days ago had joined student movements from 123 different countries, with events scheduled in 2052 cities at the four corners of the planet. For weeks, the new student movement, driven by Greta – which is in the streets today with the other Swedish students in front of the Stockholm Parliament – and other young environmental leaders, is clamoring for the governments of their respective political countries against the global warming, in particular to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, among the main greenhouse gases.

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The "FridaysForFuture"The student strike against climate change sees the largest number of meetings in Italy and France. Italy, with 235 organized gatherings, is the most active country, before France (216), Germany (199), States United States (168), Sweden (129) and Great Britain (111) In Europe the event also involves students in Spain (65), Portugal (36), Belgium (31), Ireland (31) and Finland (26).


The students are in the square today. For their Friday that looks to the future. Some principals and several professors are in the square. Education Minister Marco Bussetti last Tuesday said in passing: "We go regularly to school". He meant precisely on the day of environmental strike. But in the face of these positions civil disobedience grows.

Roberto Saviano intervenes on Facebook: "We are the last generation that can do something. We do not have another planet. #Fridaysforfuture #globalwarming #gretathunberg #climatestrike".

Friday for Future banner on the set of the new season of the brilliant friend

"We go down to the streets, we show, today we don't go to school": it's the students' cry from Largo Cairoli, to Milan, they started the Milan mobilization. The procession has changed course because "we are too many, we are more than one hundred thousand, we close the procession in Piazza Duomo because in Piazza Scala we are not there", explain the organizers. 'No time left' reads the sign hanging from an ecological rickshaw that opens the procession of young people, while the drums seem to mark the end of time in that future that the new generations see as "stolen".

At least 10,000 students take part in the climate strike this morning a Rome. The procession left the Colosseum and traveled along Via dei Fori Imperiali, arriving at the side of the Altare della Patria, where the expected speakers, all boys, except the geologist Mario Tozzi, will speak.

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A huge banner with the words "We're still in time" was hung on the Ponte degli Scalzi a Venice where the most important event in the whole of Veneto is showing. Starting from the Santa Lucia railway station, the procession is paraded through the streets of the historic center. "We have inhabited this planet for a few years, too few for someone to reproach us or to blame ourselves for the pollution of the air, water and earth – the organizers explained – We want multinationals, billionaire companies to stop the environmental devastation that the their production systems provokes. And while they will be engaged on this front of us, we fight and fight for the here and now, it will be the construction of an alternative, of a truly livable, healthy, just world. "

"Patience nothing, students for the environment". With this slogan, from Piazza Maggiore to Bologna shortly after 9.10 the parade of students who joined the Global Strike for Future climate strike started. Over a thousand people paraded. Not only young people but also many children with parents, teachers and the elderly. "Thanks Greta, let's save the planet", the homage of the Bolognese students to the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who started the climate strikes. Demonstrations, initiatives and meetings take place today throughout Emilia-Romagna. In Rimini, before taking off, a beach will also be cleaned.

At least 10 thousand young people took to the streets to turin this morning to participate in the "climate strike" promoted by #Fridaysforfuture! At the head of the procession a banner with the green writing on a white background "You are never too small to make a difference"

Turin, what beautiful faces to the procession to save the climate

TO Palermo several hundred students have appealed to the "friends of the planet" by participating in the march against climate change. At the event, with the concentration in Piazza Verdi, in front of the Teatro Massimo, a colorful and festive crowd of young people chanting slogans like "If it won't change, struggle will be", they have exhibited signs and banners with the words "World strike for the future "," We broke our lungs "," It is useless to conquer the moon and then lose the earth ", and again" Other than high-speed trains, we are at the terminus ". Choruses and flash mobs: the boys arranged themselves in a circle and read thoughts and reflections. The same symbolic action at the Palazzo dei Normanni, headquarters of the Ars, with sit-ins and messages to the deputies to ask the national government, through the regional government, to follow up the Paris Agreement.



Generation Verde, one in two young people who are alarmed by the climate

Demonstrations are underway in all the provincial capitals of Tuscany and in many smaller municipalities on the occasion of the global climate strike. TO Florence about ten thousand protesters gathered in Piazza Santa Croce, mostly young and very young. A procession passes through the streets of the center in the direction of Piazza Santissima Annunziata, where it will then end. Hundreds of signs and banners exhibited by protesters, with slogans such as "Reversing is possible" and "We want the cleanest planet".

Even the bishop of Brescia Pierantonio Tremolada and the mayor of the city Emilio Del Bono participated in the global strike to save the planet. More than ten thousand students have invaded the city center in Brescia. In addition to the children present, there are also teachers and representatives of many environmental associations.

In the world. Outside the EU and the United States, the countries on the front line are Canada (54 rallies) and Australia (51). The participation of several Latin American nations was very significant, including Mexico (28 gatherings), Brazil (21), Argentina (18) and Chile (12). In Asia the most involved students are those of India, with 29 protests tomorrow, while in other countries (Japan, Nepal, China, South Korea) the climate cause is less participated so far.

Strike to save the planet, events around the world

Greta said she was "honored and very grateful" for being a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. He wrote this in a tweet commenting on the proposal made to the Nobel Committee – which each year in the autumn awards the prestigious award – by a group of Norwegian Socialist deputies. "The climate threat is probably one of the main causes of wars and conflicts. The mass movement that you triggered is a very important contribution to peace," explained the initiative, the Norwegian deputy André Ovstegard.




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