Climate scientists recommend that Europe cut its emissions by 90-95% by 2040

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Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is the essential measure to avoid the worst effects of climate change. How much and by when these emissions must be reduced to contain the increase in the average global temperature of the planet below 1.5 degrees (compared to what it was at the beginning of the industrial era) is the question that is being negotiated at the summits of the climate and studied by different countries.

The goal of the European Union is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050in line with what is included in the Paris Agreement signed in 2015, and to achieve this, the scientists who make up the EU Advisory Council on climate change recommend that Europe reduce its emissions by between 90 and 95% before 2040. A cut that they consider essential to mitigate climate risks and achieve a sustainable future”, as indicated in the report published this Thursday by this panel of experts, chaired by Ottmar Edenhofer, and whose creation is included in the European Climate Law.

“The Advisory Board’s recommendations underscore the need for bold and transformative actions to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 in a fair and feasible way. By making the right political decisions and embracing sustainable innovations, we can pave the way for a resilient future,” Ottmar Edenhofer said in a statement following the launch of the report.

This team of scientists recommends that between 2030 and 2050, greenhouse gas emissions remain between 11 and 14 gigatons of CO2. To achieve this goal and not exceed that budget, emissions would have to be reduced between 90 and 95% before 2040.

Regarding the objective for 2030, the panel of experts considers that the EU plan to reduce emissions by at least 55% (compared to those in 1990) would make it possible to achieve the recommended reduction by 2040 and climate neutrality for 2050.

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