Climate. The resistance of island states and archipelagos is organized –


Faced with the challenges posed by climate change, which pose an even greater threat to island states, Indonesia intends to take action. The largest archipelago in the world wants to strengthen its cooperation with his fellow prisoners.

"In 2019, Indonesia will continue to advance the priority agenda of its maritime diplomacy, strengthening its cooperation with other archipelagic island states or states, including Britain, Japan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and the small island states . South Pacific ", Note Kompas, citing the words of the Head of Shipping and Maritime Safety at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This cooperation officially began in November 2018, during the first forum of islands and island states (AIS), organized by Indonesia, which is held on the island of Celebes. The objective of this forum is to tackle the challenges of climate change, ocean pollution and natural disasters such as tsunamis, to which these countries are particularly exposed.

The priorities are, therefore, the sustainable development of fishing, the prevention of disasters, the cooperation between all these states and the strengthening of international law of the sea.

Ensure stability and peace in the region

"TheAIS includes a number of countries recognized as "archipelagic states" in accordance with the definition contained in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) ", says the Indonesian newspaper.

This concept of an archipelagic state, for which recognition Indonesia has fought with international organizations since 1957, was finally ratified in 1994. It grants these states a special regime, giving them a territorial sea, called "waters". archipelagic "that extends up to 12 miles beyond a line that connects the extreme points of the most distant islands.

In addition to environmental issues, theAIS Its mission is to maintain stability, security and prosperity in the Indian and Pacific oceans. "We must ensure that these two regions do not become a battlefield for natural resources, nor an area of ​​regional conflict and maritime supremacy", said Retno Marsudi, the Indonesian foreign minister a Kompas.


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