Climate: They ‘burn’! Sinaloa region, the hottest in the country; registers more than 41 degrees

Mexico.- The hot stays in states like Sinaloa, and proof of this is that this Friday one of its municipalities was the hotter at the national level.

It’s about the alteño municipio of Choice, where the thermometer even exceeded 41 degrees centigrade.

According to National Metereological Service, Choice, Sinaloa, presented the highest temperature with 41.2 degrees centigrade; Empalme Sonora followed, with 39.1; and in third place Colima, Colima, with 38.4 degrees.

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La Paz Baja California Sur, ranked fourth in the areas with the highest temperatures in Mexico, reaching 34.8 degrees; then Tapachula, Chiapas, 34.6; Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca, 34.0 and; Tacubaya, Mexico City, 21.2 degrees centigrade.

In contrast, even frosts were registered in other regions of the country.

The minimum temperatures were registered in Cumbres de Majalca, Chih., -2.1; Las Vegas, Dgo., -0.9; Altzomoni, Edo. de Mex., 0.8; La Florida, ZAc., 4.1; Mariposa Monarca I, Mich., 4.8 and Mexico City International Airport, 13.0.

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