Climbing the mountain and seeing the “White Phoenix” spreading its wings gracefully! The 9-second flight video was exposed on the Internet and looked silly: Blessed eyes | Novelty | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Continental Center / Reported by Wei Juncheng

▲A Chinese tourist photographed the white phoenix. (Picture / flip from Douyin)

The world is so big, there are many rare birds and animals, but have you seen the creature named “White Phoenix”? A tourist from Fujian, China, photographed a white bird while climbing a mountain in Zhangzhou, and its figure was suspected to be the legendary bird “Phoenix”. white pheasant.

According to comprehensive land media reports, when a tourist from Fujian, China went to Zhangzhou to climb a mountain, he actually photographed a divine bird. In the picture, he saw a white bird flying lightly in the valley. The flight process was very elegant, and its tail feathers swayed with the wind. It looks like the legendary creature “Phoenix”.

The white pheasant is a second-class protected animal in China.  (Picture / flip from Douyin)

▲The white pheasant is a second-class protected animal in China. (Picture / flip from Douyin)

After the 9-second video was exposed, it sparked heated discussions among netizens. Many people left messages and wrote, “Beautiful angels, there are still such beautiful species in the world”, “It’s so beautiful”, “It’s the first time I saw you, so beautiful “Bird”, “Like a frightened bird, graceful like a dragon”, “What kind of luck is this coincidence”, “I’m lucky enough to brush my eyes”.

In fact, this “white phoenix” is a bird named “white pheasant”, which is a second-class protected animal in China’s “National Key Protected Wildlife List”. It usually inhabits forests, dense bamboo forests, and bushes on flat lands as low as 2,000 meters above sea level. It is a social bird.

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