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(ri: "Clinton's long history was won only by former students like Stan Lee, Ralph Lauren", August 22)

While it was a great read by my mother in the Back to School section, the report that the school was all about kids until 1939 was misleading.

She may have admitted the girls during World War II, as the date might indicate, but when I moved to the Kingsbridge neighborhood in 1943, it was a school for boys only, and it was still a school for boys only during the years I attended since. 1946 to 1949, the year I graduated.

And he remained all male for many years later.

Furthermore, the school population – all male – during my years at the famous "Castle in the Parkway" was 3,000.

All boys.

Avrum Hyman

EDITOR NOTE: Our report on when DeWitt Clinton High School was co-ed was a mistake and was corrected in this week's edition.

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