Clodine Desrochers confides in her romantic relationship with her ex-husband

Clodine Desrochers recently treated herself to a trip to Italy. she didn’t make this escapade with Bruce Willis — even if some probably still believe it —, but with her new lover, who is in fact her ex-husband…

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In July, Clodine Desrochers left the continent for a pleasure trip to Italy. “We stayed several days in the area of ​​the Amalfi Coast and we ended our trip in Rome,” says the host and actress, who was not alone during this stay. She was accompanied by her new lover, who is actually her ex-husband. “François is the man I married in 2010. We separated, then we came back together three years later.”

The one who has long been a host on television let it be known that, despite their separation and then their divorce, there was still a little something between them. “We didn’t live far from each other, because we had three small dogs in common. From time to time, he would pick up the doggies. We always stayed in touch.”

Julien Faugere

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After having taken a little distance from each other and each made a journey, the two exes started seeing each other again, and the flame became most ardent again last January. “As long as there is love, there is hope!” She is teased by asking if a second marriage might be in the plans. “I do not know. It’s to do. As we say in politics: “If the winning conditions are met.”»

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