Close encounters of the third kind? But only if you're a man


If aliens make contact with Earth, they had better hope to receive their message. Picture: Pixabay

London – If aliens make contact with Earth, they had better hope to receive their message.

For women are unlikely to want to reply to extra-terrestrials.

A girl in a bikini is looking at her. .

Researchers from Oxford University asked 2 000 Britons whether we should reply, telling them: "Imagine a scenario in which we receive an unambiguous message from extraterrestrials (alien life forms) on a distant planet."

Overall, 56.3 percent were in favor of getting in touch and 14 percent against, they told the British Science Festival in Coventry. Oxford University astrophysicist Dr Peter Hatfield said that when the premise of the survey may seem unlikely, the chance of getting touched within the next 100 years, based on the number of planets in the universe,

First contact would most likely be to radio signal that would have taken decades to travel the vast distances to reach us.

He would be happy to respond but, perhaps bearing out the survey's findings, his research colleague Dr Leah Trueblood said she would not.

Although the late Professor Stephen Hawking has already beamed several messages into outer space.

When the polls asked who should speak to the aliens, 39.3 percent chose "a team of scientists". Only 14.8 percent opted for "elected representatives" and 12.3 percent for "citizen’s assembly". The least favored option, perhaps unsurprisingly, was for a worldwide referendum, at 11 percent.

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