Closed This Afternoon, 208,819 Pilgrims Paid Hajj Fees

Director of Domestic Hajj Services Saiful Mujab

Jakarta (Ministry of Religion) — Payment for Hajj Pilgrimage Travel Expenses (Bipih) 1444 H/2023 M closes this afternoon. Director of Domestic Hajj Services Saiful Mujab said the national basic quota has been fulfilled.

Indonesia this year received a quota of 221,000 pilgrims. This number consists of 203,320 quotas for regular pilgrims and 17,680 quotas for special pilgrims.

“Until this afternoon, it was recorded that 208,819 pilgrims had paid off their Bipih 1444 H, including pilgrims who were included in the reserve quota. So, the congregation that has paid off has exceeded the basic quota nationally which has reached 203,320 regular pilgrims,” ​​said Saiful Mujab in Jakarta, Friday (19/5/2023).

“If the basic quota is 203,320 while those who pay off 208,819, it means that there is already an excess of the reserve quota for up to 5,499 pilgrims,” ​​he continued.

Saiful Mujab added that the temporary settlement stage was not extended. The next stage is the packaging of services for pilgrims and the visa process.

Indonesian pilgrims are scheduled to leave for the Holy Land on May 24, 2023. The first batch will head to Medina to undergo the Arbain prayer before departing for Mecca.

“We will speed up the visa process. Thank God, the bio-visa is 90% complete,” he stated.

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2023-05-19 11:56:00

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