Closes two hospitals after corona scandal

Xi’an has been shut down and residents have had to stay home for three weeks in line with China’s strict zero-covid strategy.

Chinese health bureaucrats had to apologize last week after photos and video came out on social media of a woman sitting on a plastic chair outside the hospital in a sea of ​​blood. The woman, who was eight months pregnant, was denied treatment because her negative coronal test was slightly older than 48 hours old.

Criticizes the handling

Another hospital is closed after an episode in which a man is said to have died after being denied treatment for a heart disease due to strict coronary restrictions. Both hospitals have received warnings and will be closed for three months. Both hospitals have been ordered to fire several of their managers.

HAIRDRESSER'S HOUR OUTSIDE: Hairdressers in full infection control equipment cut the hair of Xi'an residents.  Photo: Chinatopix via AP / NTB

HAIRDRESSER’S HOUR OUTSIDE: Hairdressers in full infection control equipment cut the hair of Xi’an residents. Photo: Chinatopix via AP / NTB
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Local authorities in Xi’an have received strong criticism for handling the crisis. Residents have complained that they do not have access to food and other supplies because they are not allowed to leave their homes. On Thursday, only six new cases of infection were reported in the city. Since December 9, there have been over 2000 cases there.

SHAME: Public gaps were abolished in China in 2010, yet local authorities have used the method in connection with alleged breaches of corona rules. Reporter: Signe Elise Morthen Stenersen
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Several million cities in lockdown

In China, several million cities have been locked down in recent times, after a few corona cases have been detected.

Last in line is the city of Anyang, with its 5.5 million inhabitants. The background for the strict lockdown restrictions was only two cases of infection.

On Saturday, the 13 million inhabitants of the city of Tianjin, which is an hour’s drive from the Olympic city of Beijing, were also asked to stay at home, after two cases of infection were detected there.

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