Clubhouse chats now use 3D audio

This audio technique will soon also be rolled out to the Android version of the app, writes Clubhouse. You can turn off spatial audio again via the settings menu.

The company posted a short video on Twitter with an example of the new Clubhouse. A number of employees talk about the position in the video, sounding as if they are in different places in the room.

Leaps Forward

Clubhouse is the first major audio chat app outside of virtual reality to use spatial audio. According to the company, users will experience this as more natural, although the adjustment is “subtle”.

Spatial 3D audio is not a new technique: we have known the 5.1 and 7.1 ‘surround sound’ with multiple speakers for years. But this form of sound has recently made great strides.

The best-known modern form is Dolby Atmos, a Dolby technology that has been in use since 2013 and was used, among other things, for episodes of Games of Thrones. Atmos gives you the idea that you are in the middle of the series or the band where the sound comes from.

Since 2020, companies like Apple and PlayStation have been applying similar techniques to audio for headphones and AirPods. With iOS 14, Apple offered support for spatial audio for the first time.

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