CM – Sunscreens: Here are the 3 brands recommended by 60 million consumers

In its July-August 2021 issue, 60 Million Consumers magazine published its list of the most effective sunscreens to use this summer. We take stock and tell you which brands you should recommend in order to be optimally protected.

Difficult to navigate in the astronomical amount of sun products that are offered on the shelves of the supermarket or in pharmacies. So which brand to choose to be well protected while protecting the environment and marine life? The magazine 60 million consumers took stock by creating a ranking and a rating thanks to its Cosmeto’score by selecting a selection of 15 sunscreens with a high sun protection index (50 and 50) to test. So which creams best protect the epidermis from UV rays, responsible among other things for premature skin aging, the appearance of dark spots and especially skin cancer?

Whether in spray, cream, oil or milk, whether it is organic or not, the choice of sun protection must be carefully considered. The magazine professionals test was carried out on a jury of 15 sunscreens of different prices, compositions and brands in order to be as fair as possible and to best present the offer on the market.

In the comparative test, three sunscreens were found to stand out: The Waterlover Sun Milk Cream from Biotherm SPF 50 (€ 19.95 per 200ml pump bottle) stood out with an overall score of 16.5 / 20. Closely followed by Yves Rocher Perfect Skin Sun Lotion SPF 50 (€ 24.90 per 150 ml bottle), although a little less effective for environmental protection, with a very good score of 16/20 . Finally, there is Bioderma SPF 50 Photoderm Spray (€ 16.75 for 400 ml spray bottles), with a score of 15/20. These three sun products offer excellent protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Apply your sunscreen in a thick layer and renew it every two hours. Avoid prolonged and direct sunlight as much as possible, especially between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. (hottest hours).

>> Discover the full test of 60 million consumers in the July-August 2021 issue (N ° 571, 4.80 €), which is currently available at the newsstand.

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