Technology CNNum advocates the end of unlimited fixed internet access

CNNum advocates the end of unlimited fixed internet access

Fixed unlimited internet access is natural in France. But that could change if by chance the government embraced measure 7 of the roadmap on the environment and digital technology from the National Digital Council (CNNum). In objective 2 of the report (” Less and better produce and design digital goods and services “), This measure aims in particular to” encourage packages with limited consumption, including landline, in order to avoid an indirect subsidy of users with heavy traffic by all users ».

In other words, it would be the end of unlimited fixed internet plans that have been the norm for years. The CNNum provides that once the data envelope has been used up, the subscriber will continue to have access to the internet, but the speed of his connection will be degraded. Measure 7 aims overall to limit ” the environmental footprint of the design and deployment of digital networks and infrastructures ».

Access providers are invited to define communication protocols ” sober and standardized “Allowing traffic to be adapted to” real user needs ” The CNNum particularly suggests effective standby for boxes, adapting the resolution of videos to screens, limiting the functions of preloading resources in web browsers, and concentrating research on reducing consumption. digital energy.

In addition to limiting the bandwidth on the fixed line, measure 7 also requires ” measure the risks of intensive deployment of 5G antennas ” The authors of the report suggest that based on the ” proportionality between risks and benefits [de la 5G] “, A reflection be carried out for” question the relevance of deploying 5G, give priority to certain types of 5G traffic (while respecting net neutrality) or even reserve the functionality of 5G for industrial and professional uses »(Read: Why is 5G controversial?).

The Council also calls for the establishment of a ” competence Center On electromagnetic fields. This report was commissioned by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition as well as by the State Secretariat in charge of Digital in February. These 50 measures elaborate ” a national and European agenda on responsible digital, that is to say sober and at the service of ecological and united transition and sustainable development objectives ” Then instruct the government to build on the report for future laws.

Limiting data consumption to reduce the digital environmental footprint was also at the heart of a Senate proposal that dates back to June 25. A recommendation rather unwelcome since it is simply to ban unlimited mobile plans. The goal would be to make ” mandatory pricing proportional to the volume of data in the package ” In other words, this would mean a consumer bill, in a polluter-pays type mechanism (read: Senate looks at digital carbon footprint and proposes to ban unlimited plans).



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