Co-Pilot 360: the technology assists the driving of Ford

Andn the past few years, in addition to bet very strongly for the electrification, Ford has been putting emphasis on systems of attendance and conduct, encompassed in the package, Ford Co-Pilot 360, a technology that approaches the final objective, which is to take the driving autonomously and, of course, to improve the levels of safety of their products. In that sense, more than half of its range since the equip: Ranger, F-150, F-150 Raptor, Mondeo, Mondeo Hybrid, Mustang, the new Kuga Hybrid, and the SUV Territory, next to appear in our market.

But What are and how to operate these systems? The mark of the oval listed each one of them, already available in our market and that, for example, turned to the Ranger in the first pick-up was median in equipping them in our region:

  • Braking Autonomous Emergency (AEB): it is a system that activates the brakes automatically when they detect a risk of collision with a pedestrian or other vehicles.

braking emergencybraking emergency

  • Lane keeping system (Lane Keeping Aid): uses a camera mounted behind the rearview mirror on the windshield to monitor the markings of the lanes of the road or highway, to detect the deviations involuntary, alert the driver and keep you in your lane.

ford ranger line assistford ranger line assist

  • Listener fatigue (Driver Alert System): it is a system that continuously monitors the movement of the vehicle within the lane through the camera and the rotation sensor position. Using an algorithm, detects when the unit is moving in a different way to a profile management set up and alert the driver.
  • Speed Control Adaptive Cruise (ACC) with stop & go: allows you to set a speed and keeping it constant until the radar detects a vehicle ahead. At that time, the system automatically adjusts cruising speed to maintain a safe distance. This technology actively controls the accelerator and the brake in function of the speed, distance, acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle which is in front.

cca ford rangercca ford ranger

  • Information system of Point Blind (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert: detects vehicles that are moving in the areas where the mirrors do not get to cover or are blocked by the studs of the vehicle. It also detects vehicles that are behind the trailer.

In addition, various of the above-mentioned products also include other systems such as the jiffy self-contained; the camera vision of 360; the automatic switching on of the high lights; electronic stability control –which is already offered in the entire range of the brand; and the control roll, among other items.

On the other hand, the u.s. firm also has carried out several initiatives or campaigns at global level, aimed at improving road safety and Share The Road (Share the road), Ford of Europe, where they invented devices like the Jacket Emoji, the experience of virtual reality WheelSwapy or technology Exit Warning (Alert output), to avoid accidents such as the collision of cyclists when opening the door of the vehicle.

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