Coach Shootout: Half a Penalty? Arteta shouldn’t complain so much, Conte said


For the fifth time in a row, the home team, Tottenham, reigned supreme in the North London derby. After an easy 3-0 win, he still has hopes of participating in next season’s Champions League.

The fourth Arsenal currently has 66 points and is ahead of duels in Newcastle and at home with Everton.

Fifth Tottenham is one point back, but his ticket is easier on paper: a home game against Burnley and an end in Norwich that falls out of the top competition.

“Everything is open now,” Conte beamed, pleased by the charges. Striker Kane scored two goals during the opening half and Sona’s third goal added peace immediately after halfway through. “With each victory, our confidence grows, but again, not to be too bold,” warns the Italian coach.

After all: despite the painful defeat of the trump card, Arsenal still holds it in his hands. If he manages both of his remaining matches, he will not lose his position in the top four.

“That’s the only thing we focus on,” said Arteta, who was upset – to put it mildly, especially from the first half of Thursday’s derby.

The first situation? Penalty that Judge Tierney ordered after a foul on Son. Cedric sniffed at him from behind. Unnecessary contact and stupidity of the defender, who gave the referee a reason to whistle, VAR could not confirm the decision …

The second situation? Red card for Holding, or the second yellow. He had several clashes with Son during the first half hour, a second card after the second, and when he waited for him again after half an hour and deliberately hit him in the head with his shoulder, he could hardly be surprised that he had to take a shower prematurely.

The third situation? A foul turned before Tottenham’s second goal. The referee whistled Saka’s guilt on Höjbjerg, even though the home player fouled. Tottenham played, won the corner and scored his second goal. Bad luck for the guests, who even after the referee’s mistake had enough time to play the situation.

However, they did not manage to do so due to their own inability to defend …

“I want to be on the bench normally during the next match,” Arteta explained to reporters why he would not comment in more detail. “You should rather ask the referee to come in front of the cameras and explain his verdicts. Too bad he ruined such a wonderful match. “

Arsenal did not start badly. He didn’t let himself be pushed into the stadium by a pleased opponent, he entered confidently in the first minutes – only after a penalty and a collected goal he collapsed.

“Arteta is a good and promising coach, but she complains too much,” Conte said to his opponent. “He should rather focus on his team and his own work, because if you have to constantly listen to someone’s complaints, it doesn’t make a good impression. Let him take good advice from me. ”


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