Coach Slavia Trpišovský spoke about the duel between Ondřej Kolář and Aleš Mandous. According to him, who is number one now? – Sports Live

He came to Prague’s Slavia only in the summer, but he has already caught eleven matches for the team and is a great competition for the long-term support of Ondřej Kolář’s team. Red and white coach Jindřich Trpišovský has now revealed how he perceives both goalkeepers.

I think so that the best catch and play and we managed the matches, “Said Slavia coach Jindřich Trpišovský at the press conference after the victory over Jablonec praised Aleš Mandous’s next zero between the three poles. „Mandy helped us a lot in a difficult situation where he had to take it on. He was thrown there maybe even earlier than we wanted. He did great, he catches great and the current situation is such that Mandy is number one, “Said the experienced strategist.

According to Trpišovský, the position between the three poles is now clearly set for the 29-year-old goalkeeper. “At the moment we are not deciding whether one or the other will go to the goal, catches Mandy and catches well. The team works, it’s in harmony with the boys, “Trpišovský added, adding that Ondřej Kolář now has time to improve in the training cycle and relax. „He was in a huge team for three years, ”He emphasizes.

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He has some microcycles where he can work on certain things about the overall condition and strength, to which he was only entitled in the preparation period, because he caught 95% of the minutes., “He continues and adds with one breath that At the same time, the wheelwright is still not fully healthy and its ideal condition is expected later. “He is in full training and is in such winter preparation, in the preparatory period, “Trpišovský underlined.

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Wheeler? I am happy with his behavior, Trpišovský admitted

He helps Mandy great, I’m happy for him, it’s great how he behaves, what service he does and how he takes the situation, ”He says. “We have two top goalkeepers, it’s better than not having one, for the team, it is a great quality even in the training, when there is still Přéma [Přemysl Kovář] a Tonda [Antonín Kinský]. It contributes to the quality of the training process, the boys then improve a lot, both parties play in a huge quality, which are things that help us develop players in training,” added.

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It’s great for us to have two top goalkeepers“Trpišovský said.” “Ondra has time to compare certain things, no one presses him. God forbid that Mandy is here, we pushed and prayed for Koli last year, we all know the condition he returned to the gate fourteen days after his injury. She has time for these things, Mandy is now number one, time will tell. We are not thinking about anything else now, He concluded.

Source: SK Slavia Prague

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