Coaches and Members Are Confirmed Free of Covid-19, Tomorrow Paskibraka Starts Training at GOR Tengku Pangeran

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM, PANGKALAN KERINCI- Tomorrow, Thursday (29/07/2021), as many as 33 members of the Heritage Flag Raising Troop (Paskibraka) Pelalawan District Riau in 2021 began to take part in Education and Training (Diklat) which will last for the next 20 days.

The training is centered at the Tengku Prince Sports Building (GOR) which is located on Jalan Lintas Timur (Jalintim) Kilometer 55, Pangkalan Kerinci District, Pelalawan.

The members Paskibraka along with the trainers and instructors will be accommodated in the GOR which is equipped with bedrooms and other facilities.

The Pelalawan Youth and Sports Tourism Office (Disparpora) does use GOR as a training center Paskibraka every year.

“Tomorrow is the opening of the training Paskibraka at GOR Tengku Pangeran. The education period is 20 days or until Indonesian Independence Day on August 17,” explained the Head of Pelalawan Disparpora, Andi Yuliandri, to, Wednesday (28/07/2021).

Andi Yuliandri said, before the training began, all members Paskibraka and the trainer first underwent a rapid antigen test in collaboration with the Health Service (Diskes).

If someone is found to be reactive Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), the meal will be quarantined first until it is negative for Covid-19.

As many as 60 instructors and training participants must be ensured that they are free from the corona virus.

His party has prepared the GOR area for an adequate and standardized education and training place.

Including sterilization and spraying as recommended by Diskes.

Of course, during the training process, strict Health Protocols (Prokes) are applied to avoid transmission of the corona virus.

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“Our trainers involve elements of the TNI and Polri and are assisted by retired officers Paskibraka Pelalawan,” said Andi.

During the training process, participants will receive various materials to cultivate their intelligence abilities.

Such as national insight, narcotics, and other supporting materials. Then physical exercise and the Marching Line Regulations (PBB) as well as flag-raising formations.

“Until now there have been no new rules or instructions from the relevant center Paskibraka. So the process will continue until the Independence Day later,” concluded the former head of the Pelalawan BKD. ( Wowor Tanjung)

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