Cobalt nails. How to wear them?

Cobalt is presented as a dark shade of blue, which goes beautifully with lighter colors – white, pink, turquoise, silver, red or cream. Glossy motifs can also be added to the cobalt base. There are also many nice designs using this color.

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Recently fashionable decoration is the so-called smoke. Due to the dark color, it will look good on light nails. Such a motif also goes well with french or ombre.

You can also try to make a decoration in the form of wavy stripes in a shade of cobalt. This theme is also often chosen by lovers of stylish manicure.

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The cobalt color will also look great in the form of geometric patterns on the nails. There is also a multicolored ombre in the trend. Use the following shades in exactly the same configuration: white, “baby blue”, plain blue, cobalt and finally navy blue. The end result is impressive!

Since last season, women have been choosing colored ends instead of the classic French. Vivid neon colors are especially fashionable during the holiday season. Cobalt French will look equally phenomenal.

In addition, cobalt nails can also look beautiful with rhinestones, sequins and flecks, especially on a matte plate, which is highly recommended by nail stylists. What’s more, you can wear any shape of nails and the cobalt color will look great on everyone.

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