cobra movie promotions actor chiyaan vikram with actress Miya’s son on stage

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The‘Cobra’ is the film that the Indian audience is eagerly waiting for. The long-delayed film is finally releasing next week. Now a funny moment that happened during Cobra’s promotion event is getting attention on social media. Fans have taken the cute sight of Chiyan Vikram holding actor Mia’s son Luca on the stage.

Mia was sharing her experience of acting in Cobra on stage. Meanwhile, Mia is surprised by Vikram’s cute entry. Vikram came to the stage holding Luca and said, ‘It’s a cobra baby’. “Can someone take a photo please” was Mia’s innocent question in front of the cheering crowd. Vikram introduced Mia’s family as ‘Cobra Family’.

Mia spoke about the changes in her life while acting in Cobra. “Cobra is a film that started in 2019. The film got delayed due to Covid and other things. I joined the film in January 2020. I was single at that time. When I went to the second schedule, I got married. When I went to the third schedule, I was five months pregnant. Koch came here when the film was released,” he said. Mia said. After this, Vikram took baby Luke in his hand and entered the stage.

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